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Dave Shaw

Beryl Eissens

Steven Green

Graham Dore

Bill Hultink

John Greenwood

John Greenwood

Stephen Hunter

Stephen Hunter

Prior to working in retail, Bill was in the finance industry.

He and his family all reside in the Ellenbrook area since its inception.

He enjoys most music genres but is really into classic hard rock and is a big blues fan.

Bill has been with 88.5 since 2007 and after co-hosting “Chunks of Rock” he is now hosting “Wake Up! With Wild Bill” on Friday mornings. “

Graham retired to Australia from the UK in July 2011.

He has a passion for popular music with a vast taste span. He has realised a dream becoming a presenter on-air having no previous experience in broadcasting.

He’s been on air since 2012 and has really enjoyed the experience, long may it continue.

Beryl has been involved as a volunteer in Community Radio since 1985, with Curtin Radio, Kalamunda FM  and Capital 90.5FM.

Join Beryl for Bits & Pieces on Monday Noon till 2:00pm

& Enjoy your walk Down Memory Lane Thursday 9:00 - 11:00am with music and reminiscing your memories.

Steven came to Australia in 1997 with a background in running a mobile disco and youth work.

His passion for music started with the Beatles in the 1960s which over time developed into an eclectic love of all types of music.

Dave is passionate about music from many genres and eras, keen on science and technology, and open to new events and people.

 His program Byways is based around international and local folk music with a touch of anything that fits. 

Sunday  afternoon

2:30 - 3:30pm

Retired Sales Engineer, has been on air since March 2014 with Radio Ellenbrook & VCA 88.5fm.

My interest in music is mainly from the 50’s onwards. I also enjoy some light classical.

My program is Musical Memories on Monday mornings between 9 – 11:00am.

Steve has lived in Ellenbrook almost from its conception, I have a wife and 2 grown up daughters.

I have a love of music, mostly from the 70's and 80's still some of the best music ever made.

I like to think we inject some humour, and interesting facts about the artists and their music I present each week.

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Steven Green

Peter was born in Tennant Creek, NTand grrew up in Brisbane Qld.

Started working as a DJ at the local ice skating rink.

Moved to WA almost 20 years ago.

Completed a course in Radio 2002.

Volunteered at 89.7 Twin Cities FM for a couple of years but paying DJ work took priority.

On air Saturday’’s with The Couch from 6:00 -9:00pm.

Peter Gray

Peter Gray

Bill Hultink John Shriver

John Shriver

Currently the Pastor of Northside Bible Church in Wanneroo. John pioneered local broadcasts in Philippines before coming to Australia.

Began in 1985 at 5PBA, Adelaide with "Concert Hall" and "Grace and Truth" continuing both until moving to Perth in 1995.

Began in Perth with 6NR, then Heritage FM, Twin Cities FM and Radio Ellenbrook.

Gabriele Clark

Gabriele Clark

Gabriele has spent time living in Canada, Israel + various locations in Australia. This does not include her travels to Austria, Indonesia, Egypt and the UK..  

Travel and working in Casino & Airport environments have exposed Gabriele to experiences & viewpoints across a variety of cultures which she hopes to share in her program ‘Yoga for the Mind’.

Donny Bell

Donny Bell

Donny is currently financial planner with the Commonwealth Bank & served 8 years in the ADF with tours of Afghanistan and East Timor.

He has a passion for sport, his sport of choice being Rugby League. He’s currently the media manager at the Ellenbrook Rabbitohs & commentator for the NRL WA Live streams.

Jason Bruce Alby Page

 Alby Page

Alby is co-host of In The Sheds with Donny Bell & Jason Bruce on Wednesdays 6:30 - 7:30pm.

Alby has been in Ellenbrook since 1996 and was a part of the inaugural Ellenbrook Eels Football team.

Alby's previous radio experience includes calling 882 6PR to whinge about his team losing.

Jimmy is a local stonemason and his passion is AFL and music. 

He is Australian born with a Greek heritage background.

His music of choice is 70's 80's and 90's but he also enjoys modern day music..

Jimmy Rocks You Mondays from 5-7pm

Jimmy Antartis

Jimmy Antartis

Jason Bruce

Jason is co-host of In The Sheds with Donny Bell & Alby Page on Wednesdays 6:30 - 7:30pm.

Davey Saville

David(Davey) came to Australia in 1968 and has always worked in construction.

He has always had the ambition to volunteer in Community  radio.

He is now realising that dream.

Join Davey every Sunday 4 -6pm for Blues in the Valley.

Davey Saville

Retired since 2015 I’ve been involved in Community Radio (Albany) since 2016.

Although I lean towards Country, Rock, Rock Blues, I do appreciate all genres of music others).

Brekkie is my favourite time slot, as I love getting folk out of bed & off to a good start, facing a brand new day with a “smile on their dial”.

I’m happy to help the valley “come alive”

Johnno Berry

Johnno Berry