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The 60’s were a decade where music was reinvented. The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Elvis, The Beach Boys, are some of the examples of the great bands that produced these years that are the basis of today’s music.

This smooth-talking presenter takes us along the path of rock, pop and psychedelia of the 60’s.

If you are one of those who think and say, whenever you can, that the music of the 80’s is the best in the history of music, do not miss this show and start the day with your favorite songs.

It’s Saturday and the party atmosphere is everywhere. Join the 88.5 FM party. The best music without interruption.

Oliver plays an eclectic mix of some of the all-time great songs and singers of the 20th Century. Also, on the show, he plays some Australian artists, country music and great Irish songs. As well as some of the very best stage and Hollywood musical from years gone by. Plus the odd interview now and then.

Join Beryl for Bits & Pieces: good music, comedy, news, recipes, and special guests.

With the best blues of all time, Davey delights us every Sunday with a world-class selection. On some occasions, Terry Campbell joins Davey adding to the program some of his own music libraries.

The best of Australian and New Zealand music for an excellent start to your day.

All Aussie and New Zealand music throughout the decades.

An exquisite selection of all-time hits at the hands of an experienced radioman… “Your Pilot of the  Airways”. Listen to Brunch with a Beat and we assure you will have an excellent and entertaining starting point for a good day.

Tune in as Sharron interviews local business owners keen to share their stories and we hear from trainers and coaches ready to offer their insight around products and systems affecting anyone in business.

With a scientific vision and a unique musical proposal, Dave entertains and educates us with the most innovative that science is currently developing.

Strings, bronzes, winds, percussion, pianos, excellent voices added to the geniuses of classical music give body to two hours of music very classically presented by John.

Suzie Q is our country music lover and ambassador. Her passion for highlighting local and Australian country music talent means she always busy finding to latest and greatest songs and artists to be on the show!!

40’s, 50’s and 60’s best music. Beryl takes you by the hand through the Memory Lane.

Peter likes the party and his generosity has led him to program the best music for you to be part of his party every Friday. Do not miss out!  

Friday Rewind is all about music that you possibly have not heard or heard for a very long time… Friday Rewind get your head rocking  

30 minutes of gospel music along with a spiritual message from the Bible.

Grooving is the invitation that Graham makes every Thursday. The idea is to motivate us to move with groovin hits from the 50’s to these days.

Diane invites us, every fortnight, to immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of horses. Horse riding, polo and other activities that we share with these four-legged friends.

One hour of traditional gospel music both vocal & instrumental including commentary regarding the intent of the songs which is to edify the spiritual life of the listener.

In the Sheds is a local community sporting program, covering all the local sports in the city of swan, as well as tackling the big issues in the state, national and international arenas.

Jimmy entertains us during our driving time with a selection of the best rock & pop of the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and also contemporary. Enjoy good music, with few cuts and lots of energy.

Join “The Rock It Man” for the best Rock & Pop music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, & today… Keep Rocking!!           About Jimmy: Jimmy is a local stonemason and his passion is AFL and music. He is an Australian born with a Greek heritage background. You can follow Jimmy on: Facebook: @jimmyrocksyou […]

You don’t need to have coins for the 88.5 FM’s Jukebox. Paul is responsible for entertaining us with the best selection of music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. When you want to listen to a song, just call the radio and ask Paul for it.

A nocturnal character covering our Midnight to 6am program (Yawn to Dawn). Shunning public recognition, he is in his element in the early hours of the morning playing all Australian hits.

What better than having a jazz session on a Saturday afternoon! If you like traditional jazz as developed into its present form and coming from as far back as the middle nineteen – twenties.

An excellent mix of the best music of all time and of all musical genres.

Each week, Caro presents an engaging conversation with a special guest who will share their passions in life, motivations and inspirations, and life learnings along the way.

This relaxed gentleman takes us through the corners of progressive rock and other bits. Discover the rhythms that revolutionized the 60’s

Pape George brings us from his Jamaica, and from other corners of the world, the best of Reggae of all time.

The best selection of contemporary R&B and some pop from the 90 to these days.

A space for new talents and new music. Each Tuesday Brook interviews the new protagonist of the local music scene.

If your music is the 90’s, be sure to tune in to the 88.5 FM. Enjoy two hours of your favourite music without interruption.

If you want to be relaxed and in harmony with life, this is your program. Taybor has the purpose of stopping the world so we can enjoy music that will take us to another place.

Committing oneself to the benefit of health is sometimes difficult. If you want to be inspired by experts, tune into the 88.5 FM every Thursday because Danny and Josh will inspire you to meet your challenges.

Every Sunday Steve surprises us with an exquisite selection of the best rock of all time. Do not miss his show, you will surely enjoy it.

Every Sunday Suzie Q and Peter Gray surprise us with a special guest, in addition to programming the best music of all time. Meet the protagonists of today.

Cars, car and motorcycle races, engines, wheels and a lot of humor are the pillars of the conversations of these three friends who for an hour and a half inform us of everything related to the nut world.

The music of the 50s and 60s was the reflection of what was happening in the society of that time. The rhythms were quickly internationalized rock, the blues were some of the rhythms that were created or gave strength in that era rich in art.

With an excellent selection of Tunes from Afrobeats, Reggaeton and RnB. Tash brings you those Feel Good Vibes from the 80s, 90s, 2000s, and latest tunes out today!

Wild Bill plays rock tracks from the 70’s to 2000’s and some Blues tracks with in depth background of the artist and the songs.

Groove with contemporary music and past classics that will get you “movin and a groovin”. Join me Mark Ghirardi Wednesdays 3-6.30pm.